You will almost certainly run into problems with your roof at some point if you own a home. Though it is critical, keeping your roof in good condition can be a constant struggle in Central Texas. Roof damage has a domino effect on the rest the home’s structure. Today, we at Montgomery Roofing would like to share the most common roofing problems in Texas.

Roof Leaks

The most common type of roof damage in any area or climate are leaks. They can be sudden, caused by trauma, or a gradual deterioration through some combination of factors like weather and temperature. A clear sign of a roof leak are discolored or damp spots on ceilings. To prevent further damage to the home you need to have them repaired immediately.

Clogged or Damaged Gutters / Downspout

In a clogged gutter, water can build up and overflow into places where it can damage the roof. Keeping gutters clear is an important part of caring for your roof. Putting the rest of the roof at risk can also come from other damage to a gutter can also block the flow of water.

Damaged Skylights

No matter if they are made from glass or plastic, skylights are a vulnerable part of any roof. Sudden damage from falling tree limbs or hail can cause water to leak into other parts of the roof or into the house. Also, potentially leading to cracks can occur due to normal wear and tear.

Damaged / Worn Shingles

Shingles can become brittle due to the TX heat. In a brittle state, they are then vulnerable to rain or wind. If the shingles are lost or damaged, the underlying layers of the roof.

Flashing that is Damaged, Loose or Missing

Flashing is the metal strips that seal skylights, chimneys, vent pipes, and other objects that connect the inside of the house to the outside. Water and pest can get in the home if the flashing is loose, damaged, or missing.

Roof Ventilation Damage

Also, to keep water and pests out of the house, roof vents for chimneys, water heaters, and HVAC systems need screens and flashing. Air can be prevented from venting outside due to damage to a roof vent. Damage to the roof is inevitable as well as other parts of the house over time.

Wood Rot

When damp or humid conditions allow certain types of fungi to grow on wood, wood rot happens. Losing its structure and strength, it causes the wood to decay. Damaged or missing shingles can allow water and humidity to seep into the underlying wood.

Poor Roof Installation

A rather delicate task that requires careful attention to detail is installing a roof is a difficult. Damage, excessive wear, and other issues develop faster with a poorly installed roof.

Too Many Roofing Layers

More layers of shingles do not mean protection for the roof. Damage can occur from too many layers. The uppermost layer will almost certainly be uneven. Extra strain comes from the added weight, and it weaken the entire roof over time. Also, most building codes limit houses to two layers of roofing.

Ice & Snow

Before 2021, roof damage from snow and ice might not have been on very many Texas homeowners’ minds, however, it is now a possibility.

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Other causes of roof damage include trees, excessive heat, storm damage, and event pest infestations can all contribute to roof damage. When you know or even suspect roof damage in Waco, TX, do not put it off, call Montgomery Roofing and let us assist you!

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