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Emergency Roof Repair

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Emergency Repairs & Storm Damage

Montgomery Roofing offers extraordinary roofing services to residential homes and commercial businesses in Waco, TX and throughout Central Texas. We are fully licensed and insured to give our customers peace of mind they are hiring a professional roofer to care for their home or business. 

Montgomery Roofing professionals incorporate a high moral standard and friendly customer service into our overall service performance. In conjunction with exclusive professional graded equipment, tools, supplies and products, our contractors superior skills and extensive knowledge leaves our valued customers satisfied. Among our services, we include emergency roof repair.

We Can Repair All Roof Materials

Repairing roofs to homes and commercial buildings is a serious business. The rooftops are an important structural component that also offers refuge from the elements. If the rooftop is in need of repair, it can completely compromise the structure of the building. With Montgomery Roofing on the case, your commercial or residential rooftop is in good hands with the necessary repairs. No matter the material used to construct the roof of your commercial property or your residential home, Montgomery Roofing can repair it. The common materials that are in need of repair the following:
– Asphalt and composite shingle
– Metal
– Wood shakes
– Tile
– Self-adhered modified bitumen
– And more

What are the Most Common Roof Problems?

The problems rooftops face are quite a few, but we narrowed down some common problems that Montgomery Roofing can repair on your Central Texas home or business.
– Defective Flashing: The flashing is frequently made of real heavy and durable rubber or metals that prevent leaks in the pipes and walls. It is crucial the flashing is unflawed and in efficient working order, as it is the primary line of defense to protect the rooftop, and structure from being exposed to water leaks.
– Insufficient Gutter Flow: The gutters direct water flow from the roof and ways from the building. If the gutters are clogged, damaged or extremely deteriorating, the gutters can be wrought with buildup of debris, and add the moisture, bacteria and mold can fester. In addition, obstructed gutters can contribute to leaks in the roof if the water has no place to go.
– Shingle Damage: Shingles provide a barrier for the roof deck and keep the moisture away from it and protect it from other natural issues. Any damage to the shingles can invite leaks and other related problems.
– Damaged Soffits: Soffits are a bird’s best hiding place, along other such pests like squirrels for another example. They will ensure damages to make it more accommodating for their needs.
– Ventilation Damage: Sometimes roof vents, such as a gable-end vent, allow insects and animals access to the attic because they aren’t properly screened. Insufficient ventilation can also result in damages to the rooftop, or in the attic space.

Emergency Roof Repair

Montgomery Roofing has the experience, expertise, and skills to perform any roof repair service on your Texas home or business. With our affordable rates and consistent premium services, no other roofer can compare. Call us today to get started on your roof repair!

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