With the warmer weather setting in, people are beginning to tackle their spring cleaning and home improvement projects. One of the important aspects often neglected are the roof repairs that are needed due to the harsh winter or simply the passage of time. Investing in spring roof repairs can reduce the risk of heavy and costly repairs by addressing the minor problems. If you are unsure if your roof could use any repairs, a comprehensive inspection by your professional can help you determine if your roof is in good health. We at Montgomery Roofing would like to take the opportunity to share the most common roof repairs that are often needed in spring.

Missing or Damaged Roof Shingles

Shingles are not designed to last forever, over time and extreme weather conditions, the shingles can become damaged or missing. Shingles that are cracked, curled, dirty, wet or absent altogether need to addressed to avoid leaving the raw materials exposed and vulnerable. Quick shingle replacement can save you from mush worse damage down the line such as premature roof replacement.

Worn Roof Openings & Additions

Deterioration around your vents, pipes, chimney, and other such locations will decay faster than other reinforced areas, especially after a season where the weather had extreme circumstances. Getting these areas repaired after a grueling winter is better than letting the deterioration continue to wear which will result in more extensive repairs.

Sagging Roof Sheathing

Spring frequently creates wet conditions, from melting snow or spring rains. The weight from the excessive snow, melting ice, or heavy rains can lead to a sagging roof due to your decking or rafters in your attic not being able to support the weight. These effects may or may not be a localized problem. In any case, your roofer can assess the damage and determine the extent of the needed repairs before a cave-in occurs.

Roof Leaks Can Increase Energy Bills

Seeing the energy bills become alarming high is never a good sign. Where there are numerous causes, the roof can be at fault; whether your heat or air conditioning is on, the warm or cool air might be escaping through small fissures in the roof. After making the needed repairs, your energy costs will slim back down to normal.
These are just examples of the more common roof repairs that we do in the spring. There are a number of issues your roof is experiencing some more severe than others, that will require repairs before more serious issues evolve. Taking care of your roof can also help minimize the need for repairs with proper maintenance and cleaning.

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