Cool roof coating systems for your home or business not only protect your roof, but also save you money and make building occupants comfortable. What is a cool roof coating system? It is a roof designed to maintain a lower roof temperature than traditional roofs while the sun is shining. Cool roof coatings are either a white or light colored roofing system that is able to reflect UV and infrared light. Summer heat, which is fast approaching, cause roofs to become very hot which can damage the roof of your building, slowly fading the color of your roof and drying it out. The summer heat also can affect the temperature of your building inside, but with a cool roof coating system, your premises will not only feel cooler, but also be able to save money on your energy costs too. Montgomery Roofing outlines some of the benefits of cool roof coating systems below.

Types of Cool Roof Coatings

Roofing systems consist of one or more material layers. The top most surface exposed to the sun is the one that determines if a roof is cool or not. Different roofing systems present different surface options and fortunately, you can usually make your new or existing roof cool. Following are some common low sloped roof systems and how their surfaces can be made cool. It should be noted that steep sloped roofs can also be made cool!
Single-ply Membranes – Pre-fabricated sheets that are rolled onto the roof and attached with a variety of methods. Some kinds of membranes are white and reflect sunlight well while others are black and must be formulated differently or coated to make them reflective.
Built-Up Roofs – Consist of a base sheet, fabric reinforcement layers, and a protective surface layer that is traditionally dark. The surface layer has many cool options depending on how it is made.
Modified Bitumen Sheet Membranes – Composed of one or more layers of plastic or rubber material with reinforcing fabrics, and are surfaced with mineral granules or a smooth finish. A modified bitumen sheet can also be used to surface a built-up roof, and this is called a “hybrid” roof. Modified bitumen surfaces are often precoated at the manufacturing factory to make them cool.
Spray Polyurethane Foam roofs – Constructed by mixing two liquid chemicals together that react and expand to form one solid piece that adheres to the roof. As foam roofs are highly susceptible to mechanical, moisture, and UV damage, they rely on a protective coating. These coatings are traditionally reflective and offer cool roof performance.

Cool Roof Coatings Can Extend the Life of Your A/C Unit

One of the great benefits of having a cool roof coating system is that it will keep your building cooler during the summer heat. By doing this, you put less stress on your air conditioning unit to produce cooler temperatures to be pumped through your building. A burned out air conditioning unit will not only create an extremely uncomfortable home or work environment, but it will also cost a great deal of money to replace. When you have Montgomery Roofing install a cool roof coating system, you will be putting yourself in a position where you may even be able to downsize your HVAC equipment.

Cool Roofs Last Longer

Reflective roof surfaces add an extra layer of protection to your roof. Cool roofs require less maintenance as they protect your building from the single most destructive element it comes into contact with, which is the heat of the Sun. Heat will dry out and destroy a roof much faster without a protective coating. You can eliminate the need of constant roof maintenance by hiring Montgomery Roofing to install a cool roof coating system on your residential or commercial property today.

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