One of the areas that most people will tend to overlook is their roof. Part of the reason is that it is almost an out of sight out of mind problem. The roof is up so high that until there is trouble you probably don’t even think about it. To be sure that you are keeping track of your roof and what you can do to maintain it. Montgomery Roofing has come up with some reasons that you need to have a roofing inspection.

Heavy Rains & High Winds Can Cause Damage to Roofs

One of the major factors of how long a roof will last for you is the kind of weather that you get throughout the year. The more heavy rain and high winds you get the more you need to have the roof inspected. When rain is mixed with wind it can get under the roof and start to cause leaks and water damage. In addition to moisture penetration in the underlayment, heavy rains will wear down shingles and other elements of a roof, eventually compromising the structural integrity of your home. In fact, wind alone can cause the roofing material to lift and get damaged. All of these types of weather will need to have inspections of the roof to allow the area to be repaired before the problem becomes extreme.

Can the Summer Heat from Sun Damage Your Roof?

Another area that you may not consider a problem for a roof is the amount of sun and heat that it has throughout the year. When some roofing materials sit under the sun for too long, they can heat up. Once they reach a certain temperature, the oils in the material can evaporate, causing your roof to dry, crack, warp or peel. The sun can start to breakdown the material that is used on a residential roof and can cause them to become brittle and more susceptible to breaking. The heat can also make it hard for a roofer to come and make repairs. If you live anywhere that has any extreme weather even for a small amount of time you need to have a company that you can depend on for inspections and repairs.

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The maintenance and repair of a roof is needed just like any other part of your home. If you never took time to clean and maintain other surfaces in your home you would start to notice it right away and it would cause discomfort for those living in the residence. The roof is not something that you can typically see and look at yourself so a professional to inspect and address any problems is the best choice. Call Montgomery Roofing today!

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