A collapsing roof is every homeowner’s and building manger’s fear, especially during the winter months and snow begins to build up on the roof. When the weight of the snow increases on a roof and is combined with structural decay or weakness, the roof can collapse. Montgomery Roofing will share the common signs that a roof is beginning to collapse.

Signs Your Roof & Ceiling Will Soon Collapse

Loose Ceiling Sprinkler Heads: Commercial and some residential homes will have sprinkler heads installed inside the building to put out any fires that occur. When the sprinkler heads begin to get pushed down or come out of the sprinkler housing, this is a sign the roof is beginning to collapse. When pressure or weight of the roof isn’t properly supported the sprinkler’s housing is compromised. The sprinkle will then appear to pop out. Before the roof completely collapses, be sure to have a roof inspection done and see if the roof will require repair or replacement.
Roof Leaks: It is well known that a roof leak isn’t a good sign for either residential or commercial roofs. There are times a roof leak is from broken seals and other minor problems. However, leaks in general are a bad sign. A roof leak doesn’t just tell you there is a problem on your roof, but also inside. Leaks can lead to structural decay and future roof collapse. It is important to determine the cause of the leak. If necessary, the roof may require total roof replacement.
Sagging Roof: Both commercial and residential building uses a support system for the roof. The design of the support structure varies on the type of roof used. However, when a roof’s structure begins to sag, this is not a good sign. A sagging roof is a future collapse, and will probably happen sooner than most people expect. If creaking sounds are accompanied with sagging, the collapse can occur at any time, so evacuate the building. Have a professional roofer come and inspect the damage. In most cases a sagging roof will require a full roof replacement.
Interior Cracks: When a roof is on its way to collapse, more weight is placed on the walls and ceilings of the home or building. Often cracks will appear. When cracks seem to appear for no reason, this isn’t a good sign either. This means there is unseen stress occurring inside your home and typically it is coming from the roof. Have your home roof inspected to ensure the condition of the roof and the safety of those within the home or building.
Warped Door Frames: Door frames often reveal a collapsing roof. Due to the pressure from the collapsing roof, door frames will begin to warp and you can visibly see a bend at the top of the door frame. If you go to shut the door and there is a bend occurring and you can’t shut the door, evacuate the building immediately as the collapse could be occurring. Again seek professional assistance and have the roof inspected.

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When a roof begins to collapse, it is not only dangerous but life threatening. The roof can kill or trap those inside. If a home or commercial building is showing signs that the roof is beginning to collapse, evacuate the building and contact a professional roofing company. Montgomery Roofing can come and inspect your roof and determine if a roof is collapsing or poses a serious threat. Additionally we can provide roofing repair or total roofing replacement servicesContact Montgomery Roofing today.

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