The roof of your home is something that is not thought about very much. Most people couldn’t tell you when there is a problem until it becomes a big enough problem that they have a stain on the ceiling or a puddle dripping down onto the floor. Most types of roofs that are installed correctly should stand up to many different types of weather and should last for a long time. There are occasions when a small area or shingle can lift or become damaged and may require some repair work. One of the factors that is most detrimental to a roof is when you mix rain with wind. If rain is falling down it will hit the roof and flow off into a gutter and out the spout with the pitch of the roof. The roofs of many homes are made to allow any type of debris and rain to run off and flow down. This will keep things from piling up and causing unwanted pressure in specific areas and can lead to a roof caving in. But this system is not fail proof. Montgomery Roofing delve more into this topic below.

How Does Wind & Rain Damage a Roof?

When rain and high wind are mixed that can spell disaster to all types of roofs. The wind can push the rain across and under the individual roof pieces that can lead to seeping into the barrier under the tile or shingles. This can then lead to you noticing that there is a small stain appearing somewhere on the ceiling in your home. This is the first sign that you may have a leak, but it is most likely not the first time there has been water leaking into your home. Once the water has penetrated the roof it will begin to accumulate in the same area which means that it can possibly stay moist for a long time. What comes next can be mold and mildew that can build up which has been known to cause health concerns and make many people sick. Now not only do you have an ugly stain on the ceiling, but you have the possibility that there is a place for mold to begin to grow.

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After you recognize that your roof have been compromised by rain and wind you will want to contact a roofing professional like Mike’s Roofing and have them inspect the roof for storm damage and decide the best way to repair any areas that need to be fixed. Montgomery Roofing can even do an inspection before you notice any problem after a large storm to make sure that the next one doesn’t make its way into your home. Call us for all your roofing needs.

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