It is time for the holiday spirit to enter in, around, on the roof of our homes. We often decorate the outside of our home with all kinds of displays. If you are a holiday enthusiast that adorns your home with light and figures on your roof, Montgomery Roofing would like to share some safety tips while you decorate your home this holiday season. Following are 10 safety tips to promote our customers proper safety while they climb all over their roofs installing their elaborate holiday displays.

How Can I Safely Decorate My Roof for Christmas

1. Always work on your holiday display during the day. It is much safer to walk around your roof with good light so you don’t misstep and get hurt.
2. Before you begin, check the day’s weather conditions. Rain or wind can make it dangerous for you to climb up a ladder and walk around your roof as well. The chances of you slipping and falling are greatly increased during wet weather conditions.
3. Never work on your roof alone. In the event an accident occurs, you don’t want to be left stranded. Especially in the event you are injured.
4. Make sure your ladder is secured and on level ground. If you’re going up and down a ladder, you don’t want to have your ladder slipping or falling on you.
Now let’s protect your roof from damages and/or fire occurring.
5. Check any unwrapped decorations before you get started. Don’t get tangled up as you bring your decorations up to your roof.
6. Make sure you are using outdoor lights. There is a difference between indoor and outdoor lights. The main difference is proper safety and coating that covers the lights that protect the light from the outside elements. Improper lights can cause erosions and electrical fires.
7. Next check your lights and other electrical wire like extension cords and lights for exposed wires and damaged sockets. This too can cause electrical fires that can consume your roof in a very little amount of time.
8. You may want to consider using a timer for your lights and other decorations that require power. This will help prevent accidents while you’re away or sleeping and in the event you forget to turn it off yourself.
9. You don’t want to keep climbing up on your roof if you can help it. Make sure all lights and decorations are secured down properly.
10. Don’t overload outlets or extension cords. All too often this creates a blow out. This too causes electrical fires on your roof.

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You must first consider your personal safety while working on the roof. If you notice any loose tile or missing shingle on your roof, avoid walking on them until properly repaired. Always walk slowly on your roof. Try to place your footing on the seam of two tiles in the center. This will help avoid loose tiles that could slip underneath your feet. After you have considered your safety, then think about your roof and prevent possible electrical fires. The last thing you want during a holiday season is to have the memory of losing your home to an electrical fire. Montgomery Roofing hopes we can make your holiday decorating safe. If you have encountered any damages or see anything that needs repair, contact us right away.

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