The roof of your home is the first line of defense from the elements. It is not just rain but wind and even the sun that can be harsh enough on a home and a person. The roof is originally installed on a home when it is built and if it is done correctly it can last. Although it should last a decent amount of time, the roof should be inspected on several different occasions as well as once or twice a year if none of these special circumstances arise. If you go through a large storm of any sort it is a great idea to have your roof inspected. If you have purchased a new home you want to be sure that it is inspected to find any flaws that need to be repaired. If you have a roof inspection or you are thinking of scheduling one there are some things that you should know about it. Montgomery Roofing lists reasons you might need a roof inspection and what the inspector will be looking for.

Why Do Roofs Need to Be Inspected?

One of the biggest reasons to have your roof inspected is when you do your regular maintenance. Just like you check your appliances, windows, locks, irrigation system and other systems, you want to add having your roof inspected as well. Although it is out of sight unless you fly over the top of your home, you still need to keep it in mind. If you have gone through any major storms especially involving high wind, hail or rain you want to make sure that the roof has held up against the elements. It is much harder to make a repair way after the fact and when it is an emergency. Another reason that you have a roof inspected is when you have a roof installed. There are always requirements that should be followed when any major repair or installation is done to be up to code with the local building code enforcement office. Routine roof inspections are also ideally performed in the spring and fall should no major storms or other relevant events occurred since your last roof inspection.

What Does a Roof Inspector Look For?

When the roof inspector comes out to the house they are going to look for major as well as minor items that may need to be repaired or replaced. If this inspection is done after a repair or installation they will take care in checking all the work completed to ensure it was done correctly. Roof inspectors are also going to look for signs of damage such as lifting, water damage as well as rotting and sagging material damage. We will also check for loose and missing shingles or damaged tiles etc.

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If you are in a position that you need a roof inspection done you want to be sure that you hire a professional roofer like Montgomery Roofing so that you have someone with experience who knows what they are looking for. Call us for all your roofing needs!

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