Often needed roofing repairs will go unnoticed and then lead to major roofing and home damages. When roofing damage occurs and it rains, water can leak into the home. This can lead to mold in the attic and wood rot. As even a small roofing problem can lead to a much bigger issue, most roof damages are considered an emergency. Montgomery Roofing would like to share signs that your roof needs emergency repairs.

What is the Most Common Cause of Roof Leaks?

When a roof develops a leak, those leaks will only prove to get worse over time. Even a small water stain in the attic is proof enough that your roof is at risk. When a roof develops a leak, it can affect more than just the roof or the inside of the attic. When it rains for long periods of time, water will continue to leak through the roof and seep lower into the walls. The moisture damages the internal insulation and the wood studs that support the entire home. Water will lead to wood rot which can affect the roof support frame, as well as the very walls within the home. If your ceiling develops water stains or you happen to be in the attic and discover your roof is leaking, seek roofing repair immediately.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Most people who have an asphalt shingle style roof do not worry too much about a few missing or damaged shingles. Often a homeowner will do nothing because they believe the underlayment is enough to protect their home. However, do not underestimate the consequences of just a few missing or damaged shingles. The shingles are designed to be water tight and work together to keep water out. When a shingle goes missing or is damaged, your roof has a weak point and water can begin to work its way into the home. A number of roof leaks begin where there are missing or damaged shingles. If your roof has missing or damaged shingles, you need emergency roofing repairs.

Failing or Lifted Roof Flashing

Not all homeowners know what a flashing is and the important role it plays. Flashing is the thin galvanized steel or other thin metal material that is used to direct water away from critical areas on the roof. On a roof there are a number of vulnerable areas such as the ventilation pipes, the chimney, and skylights. Water also collects along areas where vertical surfaces meet such as the dormers and walls. To protect these more vulnerable areas on the roof, flashing is used to protect them and ensure water rolls away from these sites. If you have a roof leak or notice that your flashing is lifted, you need to have the flashing repaired and quickly. If the flashing fails than your roof will develop water damage. If you notice a problem with your home’s flashing, be sure to seek professional repairs.

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It is better to seek roofing repairs than to wait for the major damages to the roof lead to total roofing replacement. To ensure the longevity of your home’s roof, tend to all roofing repairs as soon as they develop. For emergency roofing repairs and more, contact Montgomery Roofing today.

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