There are many homeowners that have a few misconceptions about residential roofing, some of which can have serious consequences. Through experience and time many roof damages or replacements could have been prevented if they understood more about their home’s roofs and corrected their misconceptions. Montgomery Roofing would like to enlighten homeowners about proper roofing care and correct some common misconceptions about your roof.

A Roof Does Not Last Forever

So many people think a home’s roof is indestructible and will last forever. This is simply not true. Almost everything wears down over time. The same can be said for a home’s roof. However with proper care and maintenance, a roof can last from 20 to 50 years. It will depend on the climate, the type of weather and other elements the roof is exposed to and of course, how well it is maintained. Most home’s will see a total roof replacement eventually.

Do Not Try to Replace Your Roof Yourself

When a roof fails or erodes, many people assume they can replace the roof themselves. However, this is another mistake. Most importantly, you can lose your home insurance if the roof wasn’t professionally replaced as the integrity of the replacement is now in question. Additionally, there is more than just replacing the roof’s shingles or tile. As you remove the exterior roofing material, it is important to identify other damage underneath the surface materials and see if further repairs are needed during the replacement. Lastly, roof replacement is a dangerous job. Even professionals wear safety gear while working on roof tops.

It Only Takes a Day or Two to Tear Off & Replace a Roof

Many ask how long it will take to replace their roof as they are concerned as to how long roof replacement may take. Many are surprised to learn most roof replacements can take anywhere from one to two days. Only in certain scenarios would it take longer, but those are rare.

It is Better to Replace an Old Roof than Repair

Many will assume repairs are equal to replacing the entire roof. To save money, they just repair the roof versus replacing it. Where some repairs may be minor in extreme situations, it is much better to replace the roof versus repairing the roof, especially when the roof is aging. Repairs can help buy time, however there is no permanent solution besides replacing the roof. Ask the contractor their opinion or how severe the damages are and if repairs or replacements are better. It is recommended to follow the judgment of a professional contractor.

Avoid DIY Roof Flashing Repair

Flashing is relatively easy to repair. Essentially, flashing is a rubber cement that protects exposed areas on the roof. In most cases, a simple application of silicone caulking glue can help reseal the flashing. However, repairing the flashing requires you to climb on the roof of the home which can be dangerous especially for those who are not steady on a ladder or on steep surfaces. DIY flashing repair should only be done if the person is confident. It is strongly encouraged to use a professional to help avoid injury and ensure the job gets done right.

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Hopefully we were able to correct some of these common misconceptions and provide better understanding to homeowners about their roofs. If you need roof inspectionsrepair, or replacementcontact Montgomery Roofing today.

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