Despite being one of the biggest and most necessary elements of your home, roofs are often the most neglected. Only after the roof starts to leak do homeowners recall the importance of maintenance, repair, and care. Like most subjects in life, there are myths surrounding the various aspects of your roof. We at Montgomery Roofing would like to relate a handful of the most common myths and dispel them.

Are Gutters Part of a Roof or Separate?

Roofing and gutters, though gutters are an accessory of sorts, go hand-in-hand with your roof and are equally important. To ensure the water is properly diverted from the structures, the gutters are a finishing touch. As they are often included in a new roof installation, as well as the down spot, gutters help prevent the exterior walls from over saturation. Maintenance for gutters and down spout is crucial. Make certain leaves, sticks, dirt, mud, moisture, and wildlife nests among the other debris is periodically cleared out and routinely inspect for any signs of damage.

Is it OK to Lay a Second Layer of Roofing Shingles Over the Old?

Removing the old shingles is essential for a number of reasons, though building code suggests otherwise. You can see signs of damage after removing the old shingles and exposing the raw roof. You can restore the roof after removing the shingles if you discover deterioration, wood rot, leaks, inadequate ventilation, or even mold. Should you need to replace any damaged shingles, always take the time remove the old ones before installing new shingles.

Can You have Too Much Attic Insulation?

Many turns to the attic’s insulation in an effort conserve energy and enhance the performance of the roof. However, too much insulation can be just as detrimental as not enough. Over insulating can obstruct ventilation openings at the soffits and eave in addition to moisture containment, among other issues. When the moisture is confined, the sheathing found in the interior of attics can rot, warp, and even lead to a mold outbreak. If you are unsure about your attic’s insulation mass, call in a professional for guidance.

Are All Asphalt Roof Shingles the Same

There are quite a few options when it comes to roofing materials. You need to consider the shingle designed and pre-treatments as they are specific to the climate conditions and other problems in the area. Different materials, designs, pretreated differently to meet the needs of the environment and homeowner’s tastes.

Do You Only Need to Replace the Flashing when the Roof Needs Replacing?

Installed on rooftops around the chimneys, pipes, vents and other rooftop openings, is flashing, often engineered from metal material. Both sturdy and durable, flashing often outlasts the other roofing components. Despite the longevity, it can fall short within a few months of installation under the right circumstances. As a part maintenance, every 6 months the flashing should be inspected. When you inspect the flashing, look for dried-out caulk or sealant, flawed or damaged flashing segments, and look for any shingles in contact with the flashing. Call a professional for repairs if you discover any of these.

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