Having a healthy roof is essential to keeping your home safe from water damage in the case of severe weather. When certain signs are present, you may be looking at a roof replacement rather than a repair. Montgomery Roofing is here to share some signs that point to roof replacement.

Age of Your Roof Shingles

A typical asphalt roof should last a homeowner anywhere from 20-30 years. If you notice that your neighbors are starting to replace their roofs, it is likely time to start thinking about it. Anytime you are facing several repairs and your roof is over 20 years old, you are better off replacing rather than repairing constant problems.

Common Problems with Roof Shingles

The shingles that make up your roof are key in keeping your home safe from water damage. Anytime they are showing signs of trouble, you should work quickly to resolve the problem. Following are some common shingle issues to be aware of:
• Curling or Cupping Shingles– As shingles start to get older, you may notice they are starting to curl up or cup towards the roof. Once you start to notice this problem, within the next year or two, you need to replace your roof.
• Missing Shingles– While you are able to replace missing shingles rather than replace the entire roof, you may find it difficult to find shingles that match the original roof. Likewise, as a roof ages, the color the shingles fade and change with time, making replacing them difficult.
• Moss or Algae on Shingles– Finding moss or algae on your shingles doesn’t mean that the roof is rendered useless. However, many homeowners will have the roof replaced because aesthetically, it doesn’t look good. Whatever you do, don’t try to power wash your roof when this happens or you will end up with a damaged roof rather than one that is free from moss and algae.
• Loss of Shingle Granules– Have you started to notice a large amount of granules in your gutter? As shingles age, they may start to lose their granules. Without these granules, your shingles can’t protect your home from severe weather. You should plan on a replacement within 5 years of granule loss.

A Sagging Roof is a Big Problem

Anytime you notice that your entire roof is sagging, you need to act quickly. This is a sign of major structural problems and should be addressed right away. You likely have a problem with either the roof decking or a foundation issue. Don’t wait until you see water damage to take action.

Can You See Light in Your Attic?

You shouldn’t be able to see any sunlight when you go up into your attic. If you notice any sunlight coming from the roof, you will have water problems the next time it rains. This is a major sign of roof replacement.

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If you suspect it may be time to replace your roof, you can count on the roofing experts at Montgomery Roofing to thoroughly inspect your roof for any signs of trouble and make a recommendation to best address it. Call us today!

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