DIY projects are becoming increasingly popular since many people discover that they have the skills to do some of these amazing home fixes and builds. It is easy to see how to build a bench step-by-step with online and video tutorials readily available.
The high costs of hiring builders, creators, and repair people is generally come from labor. You can initially cut costs in half in some cases. As tempting as DIY projects can be, there are plenty of reasons why you should hire a professional when it comes to roofing and other industries that require a license. Today, we at Montgomery Roofing would like to discuss the risks of DIY roof repair.

What is a Major Risk in DIY Roofing?

1) DIY Roof Repair is Dangerous. Going up and working on the roof is more complex than it initially seems. When you’re going up on your roof to do a repair, there may be unseen damage that can make walking on your roof even more dangerous. With the fifth-highest work-related death rate in construction, roofers, which a large portion of those deaths are related to falls, tragically. It is important to stay off your roof when there’s potential damage and to be extremely careful if you ever do go up there.
2) Roofing Repairs can be Complex. It’s more than just a small section when there’s damage on your roof except from something like fire damage or impact damage. Leaks can travel over 20 feet before dripping down in your attic and revealing themselves on your ceiling. The damage may be widespread, stopping you from being able to fix it all without a proper inspection. You may end up fixing one problem though you’ve left other issues unchecked. Unresolved issues continue to grow and eventually lead to costlier damages.
3) DIY Roof Work Can Void Warranty and/or Insurance Coverage. Unless a roof is repaired or installed by a professional, licensed, bonded, and insured contractor any warranty that materials have is voided. When they’ve been properly installed, warranties for shingles, underlayment, and other roofing materials are only active. Not only are the materials not under a warranty, but the repair also itself won’t be covered by your insurance in the future. If you were to try and repair a leak and it didn’t work out for instance, you’ll have to call a roofing company to make the repairs. Should you try to make a claim on your insurance, an inspection would find that there was a failed attempt at a repair, and it would be reported to your insurance. They would then deny coverage and you’d have to pay out of pocket for a repair that would have been covered if you had called a professional.
4) More Money is Often Spent on DIY Roof Repairs. Some DIY projects can save half the money they would with a professional as we mentioned. There’s a chance that your roof repair or replacement would be covered, and you’d only have to pay your deductible if you have homeowners’ insurance when it comes your roof. It’s not if it wasn’t insured, it may seem like a better option to just DIY the repair. You may only be paying for materials though you’ll also be paying for future damage due to improper repair. This can lead to you spending far more than you would have spent for the initial roof repair.

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