A roof is not indestructible. It can develop roof damages that demand immediate repair. As a roof is the home’s shield from all of the elements, it is important to know what can damage a roof and when to seek roofing repairs. Montgomery Roofing would like to share what can ruin a roof and what to look for to know when to seek roofing repairs.

Freezing Rain, Hail, Snow & Ice Can Cause Roof Damage

Rain, hail, snow and ice all have one thing in common; they are water. Water and moisture is the number one element that can damage a roof. Rain can mask the entire roof in water and can leak into the smallest of cracks. Once water enters the inner layer of a roof, mold and rot will develop. Hail is not just water. It is frozen water that can impact the surface of the roof. Hail can range in tiny bead size ice to ice the size of tennis balls. The impact damage from hail can damage and break off shingles. After a hail storm it is important to inspect your roof. Snow and ice can also lead to major roofing damage. Ice can cause shingles to lift up and come off. This allows moisture to get under the protective layering of the roof. Snow can build up and encourage the development of ice and leave moisture sitting on the roof for long periods of time. Luckily, in Waco, Texas and its surrounding areas, we get only 13 inches of snow throughout the entire year. Snow and ice isn’t a major problem but can still develop in some rare occasions. If the roof was exposed to rain, hail, snow or ice, look for water damage such as water stains along the ceiling and in the attic.

Strong Wind Storm Damages

In Texas, strong wind storms are common. Wind can have its own effects on a roof. Wind can blow off shingles and blow dirt and debris on top of the roof. If the wind’s direction hits the roof just right, it can lift and ruin flashing. After each wind storm, the homeowner should look for missing shingles or see if there is dirt and debris on top of the roof. Additionally, look for missing, loosened or lifted flashing. If the flashing has been compromised, it will allow water into areas that will damage the roof.

Algae & Moss Growing on Roof

Homes and roof tops in Texas can develop algae or moss on top of the roof. If the roof has been exposed to a lot of moisture that is always in the shade, this is where moss and algae will begin to develop. Both moss and algae will retain moisture, then grow and embed themselves in the shingles on the roof. If left alone the algae and moss can lead to water damage and even missing shingles. When you see moss or algae developing on the roof, seek a roof cleaning.

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There is so much that can damage and ruin a roof that has yet to be mentioned. The sunlight, trees, animals and improper installation can leave a roof top completely ruined. If you have concerns about the condition of your home’s roof, contact Montgomery Roofing. We can perform a roofing inspectionrepairnew roof installation and more.

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