Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. However, what happens when your roof has sustained damage from those same elements? It’s true, your roof can sustain water damage if you aren’t maintaining it properly. If this is the case, there are surely going to be signs that point in that direction. It is important to know and understand what these signs of water damage on your roof look like so that you can work to get them fixed as soon as possible. Montgomery Roofing is here to talk about what signs of water damage on your roof look like.

How Can Water Damage a Roof?

It may sound like your roof should be easily safeguarded from water damage since it is primarily what is supposed to keep water out of your home, right? Well, water damage can happen for a few different reasons. Here are some of the most common causes for water damage to a roof.
– Holes in Roof: If there is any opening at all on your roof, there is a chance that water could get through and cause some problems. This can happen when there are shingles that are missing as well.
– Gutter Malfunction: Your gutters are supposed to keep the water moving off your roof and away from your home. If there is a clog or blockage somewhere in your gutter system, it can cause water to start to pool and result in water damage to your roof.
– Improper Insulation: While you may think that water damage to your roof must come from outside, there are situations where it can develop from inside the home as well. If you don’t have proper insulation in your attic, condensation can form and cause water damage.

What are the First Signs of Water Damage on Your Roof?

Following are the signs you should be looking for that point to water damage on your roof.
– Damaged Shingles: If you happen to notice that there are shingles that are starting to curl or buckle on your roof, it is a sign you have water damage somewhere that needs to be addressed.
– Water Spots: The last thing you want to notice on your ceiling in your home is water spots. If your roof is leaking, you will more than likely start to notice that water discoloration rings start to appear on the ceiling in your home.
– Mold: It isn’t uncommon for mold to start growing in your attic when there is water leaking somewhere. If you notice mold, work quickly to get the problem fixed.
– Flashing Issues: If there is water damage, there may be signs on your flashing. If it is loose or it is looking rusty, you may have a water problem that needs dealt with.

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