Many commercial buildings have a flat style roof. Flat roofs face a number of challenges as water and debris can cause major problems. For a commercial building with such a roof, it is essential that they maintain their roof to prevent major problems such as total roof replacement or severe repairs. With proper maintenance you can avoid costly roof repairs and extend the life of the building’s roof. Montgomery Roofing would like to share a few tips on how you can properly maintain your commercial roof.

Roof Inspections

One of the best things a commercial building owner can do to maintain their roof is to have regular roof inspections. Depending on the type of roof, a commercial building owner should have a roof inspection one to two times a year. As flat roofs can develop problems and fast, we recommend that flat roofs have an inspection twice a year. With regular roof inspections, you can better maintain the roof and tend to the smaller problems as they develop.

Timely Leak Repairs

Leaks can develop fast and with little warning. You may suddenly notice a stain or leaking ceiling tile. When a leak develops in your commercial building, it is very important to locate and repair the sight of the leak. Leaks do not stop, in fact they only get worse. When a roof develops a water leak, often the upper coating that seals and protects the roof has been compromised. To prevent further damages, seek roofing repair right away.

Monitor Storm Damage

After a bad storm passes, it is always a good idea to check on your roof’s condition. Debris can blow on the roof and minor damage can occur because of the debris. After heavy rains you will want to make sure the water was able to drain properly and that no debris is covering the drainage points. A storm can bring a lot of small problems that if left alone, will turn into major roof damage including rot, mold, and water damages.

Flat Roof Cleaning

When it comes to a flat roof and many commercial buildings have them, it is very important that the top of the roof stays clean. Debris can cover the roof’s gutter and drainage system which leaves water pooling on top of the roof. Bird nests and droppings also cause roof damages and even contaminates the indoor air if it is close to the HVAC system. When cleaning on top of a commercial roof, make sure to remove all trash and debris that has made its way on the roof. Next, each drainage point needs to be checked and cleaned if obstructed. It also helps to have a soft pressure clean done on the roof once a year to remove all bird droppings and other substances that are not good for the roof.

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A commercial roof is designed to be durable, but it still needs maintenance ensuring its longevity. With proper maintenance and repair you can avoid major roof expenses and have a long lasting roof. For commercial roofing inspectionrepairs and more, contact Montgomery Roofing and schedule our services today.

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