When it come to residential or commercial buildings there are multiple flat roofing options to choose from. Each has its own unique look as well as its pros and cons. Finding the right flat top roof style depends on your personal preferences and your living environment. Montgomery Roofing offer a helpful guide below.

Built Up Roof (BUR)

The build-up roofing system is one of the most common types of flat roofs. It is relatively inexpensive, and with a finishing cover of river rock, it has the most pleasing look. The build-up roof is created by using three or more plies of waterproof material and hot tar to layer the river rock. Using so many layers help improve the interior’s insulation. Many homes and business favor this method not only for its looks and cost effectiveness, but also as a way to fire proof the roof. Due to the method in which the build-up roof is created; you will need to have plenty of support because of the weight. You may need to reinforce joists, which adds to cost and labor. Some also don’t like the smell of the tar used during installation. However, the smell is a temporary setback and will dissipate over time.

Modified Bitumen Roof

The modified bitumen flat roof uses a similar material such as asphalt but with added polymers to give the roof more protection and to give it a longer life span. Since this is the only material used, installers roll it across the roof using a blow torch to melt and bond the sheets to the roof. Some find the modified bitumen dangerous to install and will avoid it due to accidental fires in the past. New methods have been devolved to minimize any fire that may happen in the future. The modified bitumen does have it advantages. The material used has a reflective surface that can reduce heat inside the building making your summer bill lower. The modified bitumen roof is quick to install and will seal any existing roof leaks.

PVC Roofing Material

Businesses and home owners like the PVC roofs due to the material’s durability and resistance to water for those highly saturated climates. The roof is highly reflective, and is quick to install. Some find the biggest problem with using PVC is the roofs coating. PVC coating is applied in rolls where the seams are glued together. Over time rain can split the seams and cause leaks. Seams can be repaired by taping and gluing them back together. PVC is inexpensive and can last from 10 to 15 years.

EPDM Flat Roofs

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or the EPDM roof is a synthetic rubber that is designed to be resistant to sun damage. This type of roof is very durable and has a long life expectancy. The rubber is used from recycled material making it an environmental benefit. The EPDM roof is applied just like the PVC roofs. Rolls of rubber sheets are spread cross the roof and sealed at the seams. Again, over time seams can leak and will need repair. EPDM is a more recently developed roof system for flat roofs and not yet as common as other methods. However, it is starting to become more used throughout America.

Sprayed on Roof Coating

Most professionals believe that the sprayed on roof coating is the best method for flat roof tops. The silicone roof coating is seamless, resistive to sun and water damage, and reflects sun which helps cool the structure’s interior and keep utility bills down. If the roof is in good condition the application can be quickly done. When the silicone is first applied it has a clean slick look. However the silicone can remain sticky for some time. Wind can bring in dirt and leaves which will get stuck in the silicone. You can use a high pressure hose to remove the debris that affects the overall look of your roof.

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All flat roof options have their own unique benefits. Montgomery Roofing wants to assist you in finding the right style flat roof that fits the desired look of your home or business, as well as your budget and economical needs. Call us today!

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