The big questions that always gets asked frequently is why do some home’s have a tile roof and others use shingles? What is the difference and is one better than the other? Well in truth, that can be a difficult question to answer because in the end it depends on the house and its location. However, Montgomery Roofing will go into detail about the differences of the two roofing materials in the event you might be building, or replacing the roof of your home. In so doing, you can see your options and maybe decide if it is time for a change.

Is a Tile Roof More Expensive than Shingles?

One of the first major differences between a tile roof and a shingle roof is the cost of the material. A Tile roof costs about double that of a shingle roof. Tile does last twice as long as shingles, so in the long term it will equal about the same in cost. Some with a tighter budget will replace the roof with shingles because at the time they couldn’t quite reach the cost of a tile roof. Tile does last longer and can repel bad weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow. Often weather causes more damage and more often with a shingle roof then a tile roof.

What Roofing Material is Appropriate for Climate?

However location plays a big part as well. There are some areas of Texas with mild weather changes and others with more rain, colder winters and even snow. A tile roof will withstand colder and wetter conditions much better than shingle roofs. Depending on the elements the roof is exposed to, a tile roof can last as long as 50 years before needing a full replacement. A shingle roof will withstand 20 years or more in milder climates.

Type or Roof for Structure of House

Another major point that will determine what kind of roof your home should have is its structure. Some homes are not designed to withstand a lot of weight. That’s why some homes will have shingle roof verses a tile roof. However homes that are built with this weight restriction are built in milder climate areas with minor weather changes. A home builder should know whether or not you will experience heavy winds, rain, and snow, and choose the roofing material accordingly.

Roof Maintenance

Of course, there is the maintenance and repair of type of roof to consider. It is much easier to know when a shingle roof is exposed to the damage verses a tile roof. The tile hides a lot of unknown damages that make a professional roof inspector necessary to make sure if your roof needs repair. Once the shingles begin to fall off you know you need to replace them before water of other outdoor elements begins to rot your roof away.

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Montgomery Roofing can’t say one roofing material is actually better than the other. In the end it will depend on your home roof structure, the climate conditions of your area, and the homeowner’s budget. Maintenance and repairs will come up with both roofing materials and one isn’t superior over the other. Each has their own needs when it comes to maintenance and repairs. If you are considering the replacement or repair of your roof, contact Montgomery Roofing for more details on which roof will be best for you.

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