The gutters around your home is the system that is used to drain the water that falls on the house and moves it to an area that is designated for runoff water. Most gutters are installed professionally and can last many years with proper maintenance and care. One way to have your gutters working poorly or the gutters to need repair or replacement is to not clean them out on a regular basis. There are problems that can occur with your gutters that can lead to needing to replace the gutters and have new ones installed. You could install your own gutters since is seems easy but there is a lot that goes into the installation and it should be left to a professional like Montgomery Roofing.

What is the Most Common Problems with Gutters?

Gutter Leaks – Leaks are one of the major problems that start to occur with gutters that are not maintained. When there are too many leaks to fix you will need to have the gutters replaced.
Sagging Gutters – The next problem that comes is when the gutters begin to sag. If you notice that the gutter is sagging down or even pulling away from the house it might need to be replaced. The sagging can start to cause the siding to deteriorate along the house and can end up costing you more money. The sagging could also be caused by the next problem which is blockage or build up.
Clogged Gutters – If you leave your gutters unattended they can start to build up debris and over time the debris that contains dirt can weigh down the gutter and it can start to sag. The last area that may leave you needing to have a replacement is poorly installed gutters.
Poor Gutter Installation – If your gutters were done correctly they can have the wrong pitch. The pitch is important because that is what will allow the water and debris to flow the correct way. When the water doesn’t flow it can lay stagnant in the gutters and can start to become an issue. When the pitch is wrong it can also lead to some of the problems listed above like it would be more likely to have blockage. It can also cause the sagging and the leaks as well.

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If you need to have the gutters replaced you want to be sure that you hire a professional that knows what they are doing so that your gutters are ready to last a long time. Montgomery Roofing has the tools and the know how to get your gutters replaced and working at 100%.

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