Do you need to have your roof replaced? You may wonder what is involved and what to expect when having your home’s roof replaced. Many homeowners ask if they need to leave the home or how long a roof replacement may take. As there are a lot of questions asked during a roof replacement, and most of these questions can be answered by being walked through a roof replacement process. Today, Montgomery Roofing will share the steps of a roof replacement and help you determine how long your roof replacement may take.

How Long Does it Take to Tear Off & Replace a Roof?

The most common question a roofer gets asked is how long a roof replacement will take. To answer that question, the roofing contractor should do a thorough inspection of the roof. Depending on the condition of your roof and infrastructure, how long a replacement will take will vary. For example, the age of your roof may demand a more thorough replacement. For a roof that is 30 years older or more, you may need to replace the entire infrastructure of your home’s roof. The same can be said for major roof damages such as sagging, roof leaks and other damages that affect the internal structure of the roof. If the entire roof infrastructure needs to be replaced, your roof replacement will take longer. For a younger or well-maintained roof, you may only need a shingle and the upper layment materials replaced and that’s it. In some cases, you may even be able to have a roof replacement overlay which means you put the new roof on without tearing out the old one first. To better know your roof replacement time frame, after the roof contractor finishes their inspection, they will determine your roof needs and be able to better determine how long your replacement will take.

What are the Steps for Replacing a Roof?

Preparation for Roof Replacement – The first step of a replacement is preparation. Preparation includes deciding on the type of roofing materials the homeowner wants to use or is needed for the roof replacement. The material will need to be ordered and brought to your home. The next part in the preparation process, is set up, which includes getting a dumpster on site, and finding a place for tools and the equipment. Landscaping is sometimes covered with a tarp to help protect the yard. The day of the roofing replacement, it is often recommended that you park your vehicles away from the roof in case the removed roofing material falls off the roof.
Tearing Off of Old Roof – The next step is the removal of the old roofing material. As it can vary from home to home, this process can require a lot of tear down of the old roof. Often the old materials are placed directly into a dumpster to keep your home clean. As the old materials are being removed, it is common to discover other damage that wasn’t seen until now. As a homeowner, it is good to be repaired for unexpected roof damages. As the old materials are being removed, the roof is constantly be evaluated to ensure your home gets a proper roof replacement.
Installation of the New Roof – It is now time to put on the new roof. The first thing that goes up is the drip edge that helps protect the roof from moisture and ice. Next is the underlayment and flashing which is the roof interior protection from water damage. The new roof is now ready to be installed. Once the new roof has been completely installed, the site will be cleaned up.

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There is a lot of work that goes into replacing a roof. If you have more question about roof replacements or need your roof repaired or replaced, contact Montgomery Roofing today.

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