As soon as you start to see your neighbors getting their roof replaced and your home was built around the same time, you know your time is coming as well. As you get ready to replace your roof, you have a couple of options as to how the process is done. Montgomery Roofing is here to share the methods of roof tear off versus roof overlay to help you see why a full roof tear off is always the right choice for your home.

Methods for Roof Replacement

The two methods used to replace a roof is roof tear off and roof overlay. Following is how both of these work.
Tear Off: When you choose this method, the old roof is torn off completely and a new roof replaces it.
Overlay: The overlay involves leaving the original roof as it is and putting the new roof on top of it. This is only an option legally if your roof has not been previously overlaid.

Are Roof Overlays Worth It?

We will start with the benefits of choosing this option which equals price and time. You don’t have the higher price tag of tear off, and the job can be done in a fraction of the time. However, there are many drawbacks to this option. When you choose the roof overlay route, you aren’t going to be able to see the condition your roof is in. If there are leaks, you won’t be able to see where the problem lies. Another problem is the weight. With essentially two roofs on your home, it is a lot heavier and will not last as long. You also need to worry about the aesthetics of the roof. It doesn’t look near as finished as a complete tear off. It could also hurt the resale of your home because these roofs are known to not last as long.

Why You Should Tear Off Your Old Roof when Replacing

We will start with the one and only con to this roof replacement method; the cost and time. It is considerably more expensive than a roof overlay and takes longer to complete, but the results are absolutely better. When you choose the tear off method, you get an entirely new roof and any problems with the roof decking will be addressed. This will look much nicer than an overlay and last much longer. You can plan on getting 20-25 years out of a new roof. The quality is also considerably better when you choose to get an entirely new roof as well. You can plan on a new roof actually boosting the salability of your home and adding value as well. When potential buyers know you have replaced the roof, they also know they won’t have to for a long period of time with the tear off method.

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When you choose Montgomery Roofing to handle your roof replacement, you know you are getting the best. We recommend getting your old roof completely removed before getting a new roof put on your home. It will last much longer and the look can’t be beat. We offer complete tear off and removal services for all our valued customers. Call us today!

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