There comes a time in every home’s life where it will need its roof replaced. When a homeowner discovers that the roof needs to be replaced, they often have a number of questions regarding how roof replacement is done and if they can remain home. They also wonder how long it can take as well as many other questions. Montgomery Roofing will share what you can expect during a roof replacement and hopefully answer your many questions about roof replacement.

How Do I Prepare My Roof for Replacement?

When a roof needs to be replaced there is a lot of preparation that goes into the job to ensure the project goes smoothly. Many roofing contractors will have a large trash receptacle ordered and will need it dropped off close to the house. A number of materials will need to be removed and replaced, and the old material disposed of. Additionally, the homeowner will want to clear the driveway and make sure there are no vehicles, pets or breakable items near the job site.

Roof Tear Off

Once the roofing contractor has prepared the site, they will begin removing the old roofing material. During the removal, the roofing contractor is usually okay with the household remaining home. However, they usually ask that kids and pets remain indoors as they could get hurt during the removal process. The existing roof and its condition will determine how much material will be removed. At times, the entire roof and framing needs to be removed and replaced. Other times just the surface material needs replacing and not the entire roofing structure. During removal, the interior part of the home will remained covered. Because of this there is usually no need to leave the home. However, if the roof is in serious decay and is threatening to collapse then the home isn’t safe.

Replace Flashing & Underlayment

During removal the old flashing is removed and replaced with new flashing. The flashing is the galvanized or aluminum steel that is installed at the grooves or indents on the roof to safely redirect water and to prevent water damage on the roof. A roofing contractor will take their time when installing the roof’s underlayment as it help to protect the roofing structure. The underlayment is designed to catch the water that may drip underneath the roofing tile or shingles.

New Roof Installation

Once the flashing and underlayment has been put in place, the rest of the roof can now be installed. Depending on the type of roof chosen, the time and installation techniques will vary. Most shingle roofs are glued and nail down, while tile roofs are screwed or nailed down. During this phase, installation can get a little noisy and many house members choose to spend time with friends or family. However, replacing a roof can be completed rather quickly. Of course, the size of the home and the repair or replacement needs can determine how long. The roofing contractor can usually give a pretty good estimate of how long the roof replacement will take.

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