When the roof is need of attention, many homeowners research their options. Reroofing is a less expensive option, but it is never offered by reputable roofers! Today, we at Montgomery Roofing would like to discuss the basics of a reroofing and replacement service.

Cost Between a Reroof & Brand New Roof?

When reroofing, a new set of shingles is layered over the existing set. Some less reputable roofers believe this service can only be done once but is not recommended even then by professional roofing contractors. Reroofing can be done much faster and less expensive than a complete roof replacement because it cuts a lot of corners and doesn’t identify or address any underlying issues! A true roof replacement involves completely tearing off the existing roof, inspecting and addressing any issues with what lies beneath and then putting on new felt paper and shingles. There is a lot more involved with replacing the roof, such as labor, time, and materials, making it a more expensive option. It should be noted however that since roof replacement tackles any problems at their very source and core, it can save you more in the long run. It enables you to determine and address early signs of rotting and sagging due to water damage before they escalade into expensive future repairs and even premature replacement.

Why Reroofing is Never a Good Idea

Even if you believe your roof’s overall health is in good shape, with only minor issues and/or leaks, there may still be hidden signs of water damage. Not all signs are as obvious as missing or soggy shingles, or unattractive mildew or mold growth. You simply cannot know for certain what the roof deck looks like because the existing shingles are not removed. Most shingles can obviously show their condition with a simple inspection, but there are times where the roof is sagging or rotting underneath. Adding another layer of shingles does not rectify these issues, but simply covers them up as they continue to worsen over time. In addition, if you reroof only a portion of the roof that needs work, you are creating a thicker and heavier portion than surrounding areas. This can lead to issues and be an eye-sore.

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In conclusion, roof replacement is always the best solution. Unlike reroofing, which covers up any issues with your roof deck like sagging and rotting that may become worse later, with a fully revamped roof, it addresses all issues to get that safe, sturdy and long lasting roof you deserve. When it is time to upgrade your roof, call in the experts of Montgomery Roofing and our specialists are happy to inspect and determine the best solution.

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